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Welcome to our help center for Mobile Connect, the Mobile App for Amazon Connect available via AWS Marketplace. We have bundled all documentation and information in one page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us via


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Release notes

Version 11.3.15 (March 2024)

Improvements and bugfixes:

  • Missed calls available in recents overview
  • Fixed login flow for cases where Amazon Connect doesn't send cookies
  • Added contact search by company name
  • AWS IAM available as SSO provider
version 1.3.14 (March 2024)

fix for users not able to login due to issue with region

Version 11.3.13 (February 2024)

Improvement and bugfixes:

  • Interactions no longer end when a second call arrives
  • Salesforce CRM popup button available for all organizations
  • Fix for low microphone volume on certain devices
  • Improved DTMF handling
Version 11.3.12 (January 2024)

Improvement and bugfixes:

  • Audio is no glonger muted during second incoming call
  • WebRTC upgrades
  • Ability to remember username upon login
  • Ability to change sound levels during interactions on Android
Version 11.3.11 (December 2023)

Improvement and bugfixes:

  • KVP sorting
  • Clickable phone KVP
  • Improved contact search
  • Clickable hyperlinks in chat interactions
  • Ring sound improvements when in silent mode

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