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Salesforce integrations

Salesforce integrations


Further building upon the tight integration possibilities between Salesforce and Genesys Cloud desktop, we offer multiple way of integrating Mobile Office, the mobile app for Genesys Cloud, with Salesforce in both directions. Please find below an overview of the integration possibilities. Some are included in the standard Mobile Office subscription and others require some additional Professional Services due to custom configurations.

1) CRM popup

Mobile Office for Genesys -> Salesforce app

The CRM popup button is a custom button that is activated in Mobile Office and that appears for every transaction. When clicking this button during an interaction, the Salesforce app will automatically open the desired Object (e.g. contact, opportunity, case, ...) and will allow you to quickly access the customer data.

This Salesforce integration is free of charge and included in your Mobile Office subscription. This features requires an admin configuration and requires to provide the Salesforce URL as participant data in Genesys Architect. Configuration details can be found in the admin guide.

MO -_ Salesforce


2) Click-to-dial

Salesforce app -> Mobile Office for Genesys

The click-to-dial button is a custom Salesforce package that can be installed on your Salesforce organisation. The package adds a button to your Salesforce UI named "Mobile Office". When a user is viewing contact information in the Salesforce app, the custom button will provide the salesforce user the option to dial out via Mobile Office for Genesys.

This Salesforce integration is free of charge and included in your Mobile Office subscription. Installation details can be found in the document "Salesforce package".

Salesforce -_ MO

3) Interaction logging

Mobile Office for Genesys -> Salesforce activities

Just as with Genesys Cloud Desktop, we provide the possibility to log all interactions occurring in Mobile Office to Salesforce. This way, all interaction data is stored in Salesforce and linked to the correct object. To do this, a custom data field mapping is required.

This integration requires some additional professional services and is offered as a quickstart package in AppFoundry for $4.750. Please contact us via in case you would like to set up interaction logging to Salesforce.

Interaction logging