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Free trial

Activating your 30 Day Free Trial

Thanks for your interest in MobileOffice! On the GenesysCloud platform, Mobile Office is a premium app which is free-trial enabled. This means that with a couple of clicks, you can start testing the app yourself! (As an end-user please contact your GenesysCloud admin).

If you cannot see the free trial button and you are a reseller or you have licensed your Genesys Cloud through a reseller, please advice the reseller to go to the following page:

AppFoundry Reseller portal:

 1. Open the Mobile Office page in Appfoundry

As a Genesys Cloud organisation admin, navigate to the Appfoundry page of Mobile Office.
Click the 'free trial' button at the right side (you must be logged in).

trial1 (1).
If the button does not popup, please reach out to us via mail on the below address. For some specific setups, the free trial via AppFoundry might not be available - but we are able to offer you one via an alternative approach.

2. Wizard

A wizard will be presented. Run through the different steps proposed (including accepting the Terms and conditions)

3. Activate the integration

Next, navigate to your Genesys cloud - admin page. In the 'integrations' section, Mobile Office should appear. Make sure it is activated - and if not, move the 'active' slider.


4. Refresh Genesys Cloud

Refresh your browser window using F5. Next, the apps menu should appear. Inside, you can find a Ideal Systems Mobile Office link. If the app menu does not appear, try logging out/logging into Genesys Cloud again.


5. Wizard

This will launch a wizard. Run through these final steps, and you're set to go! 

if the link would not appear, alternatively, navigate to the url below and run through the wizard. 

Alternative portal link:

In case you do not see this screen and receive an error "a fetch occurred with status: 400" instead, you have insufficient permissions in Genesys Cloud for this operation. To execute this step, please make sure your user has one of the following permissions assigned: "MO_admin", "Admin" or "Master Admin".

trial4 (1).I

6. Nearly there... setting permissions

Congrats, you are now able to use Mobile Office! Go to admin → Roles / Permissions → “View/Access Mobile Office” to assign permissions.

Any user who has the correct 'Genesys Cloud' permission, can now login to the mobile application.

After 30 days, you will be automatically billed via your regular Genesys subscription. Contact your local Genesys sales representative for more information.


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