Information about Mobile Office 11
I cannot login, and see a message 'This version of the OS/Device is not supported' on the login screen.
Which channels are available in the app?
After login, I get a white screen 'redirecting'
How do I enable access to the multimedia channels?
The app indicates that my user is not licensed
Which Genesys Cloud licenses do I need to use the app?
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The app returns an error 'There are no phones available'
What user setup do I need to login into the app?
I'm receiving a session or time-out error when running the installation wizard
Where can I access the administration module?
Genesys Cloud phonecalls are getting to my phone's voicemail
How to avoid becoming notready when I miss a call?
How to avoid getting multiple calls?
When logging out, the phone is not unassigned
I want to filter the list of ACD queues
I want to enable the SalesForce integration